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The Academic Plan

Our academic plan supports the educational and developmental needs of our students with a comprehensive program addressing five priority domains:

  • Academic Achievement. To significantly increase academic achievement and learning in all subject areas, with a focus on reading and mathematics.
  • Academic Equity. To ensure that all students have access to a comprehensive education and high-quality program of studies in all core curricula.
  • Instruction Improvement. To continually improve  instructional delivery to all students using best practices.
  • School Climate. To provide a safe, secure school learning environment with regard to cleanliness, management of the facility, and student behavior.
  • Parent and Community Involvement. To engage and involve of a broad base of parents and community members at the school.


Our goal in mathematics is for students to develop fluency in basic computational skills as well as to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts. We encourage students to use their analytical thinking skills to problem solve.


The elementary school science program (FOSS series) focuses on facts, concepts, principles, and theories organized under the headings of physical, life, and earth sciences. Students learn essential investigative and experimental skills that will continue in middle and high school. In the upper grades, our teachers divide the science units and team-teach the units.  Students learn through hands-on science activities and record their scientific observations.

Language Arts

The curriculum for reading and language arts is to develop skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, word-attack skills, spelling, vocabulary, fluency in reading connected text, comprehension skills, writing skills and strategies, and listening and speaking. Developing literacy is a key focus area in our academic plan.

History/Social Studies

Students learn about history, humanities, geography and social sciences from this subject. Through the lessons, they develop knowledge in cultural understanding and appreciation, civic values, and rights and responsibilities as a good citizen.


Art is an integral part of our school curriculum. The school receives supplementary arts funds from the District annually to enrich our art programs. Each grade level chooses an artist-in-residence for a period of 7-10 weeks in one of the following areas: visual & performing arts, music and dance, puppetry, story-telling, murals, poetry writing, etc. Our PTA also provides additional funds to enhance our art programs.


Every class is involved in the Symphony Education (AIMS) project where mini-concerts are held at school by various music groups.  The project culminates with every class going to the SF Symphony for a concert.  Also, our school participates in the “Opera A la Carte” program where 3rd-5th grade students audition to perform an opera for the rest of the school.  Second grade is also involved in the Opera Guild’s “Sing-a-Story” program.  Starting in second grade, students can enroll in Little Kids Rock Program for free after school guitar lessons. Lessons are taught weekly from two teachers and the principal. All fourth and fifth graders may also elect to study an instrument of their choice (violin, trumpet, flute, or clarinet) and take lessons from the music teacher weekly. Instrumental music and guitar recitals are held in May annually.

Physical Education

We have two P.E. grants that provide us with a half-time P.E. teacher, brand new equipment, and teacher training. We aim to help students develop a lifelong commitment to the pleasure and the health benefits of physical activities. Primary grades also participate in a four-week world dance program with Mr. Moody, one of our resident artists.


Our school is fully equipped with a computer lab, certified computer teacher, computer tech paraprofessional, and a computer station in every classroom.

Garden Education

The recently planted garden is funded by our PTA and maintained by the classrooms with help from parent volunteers.  Future plans include class plantings and gardening classes.

Nutrition and Health

Our school is fortunate to have a nutrition coordinator on staff who does nutrition lessons with the children, cooking, and field trips to the Farmer’s Market.  Teachers teach their own weekly nutrition and health lessons. We also have the Harvest of the Month program so children can learn about fresh fruits and vegetables while getting a chance to taste something new each month.

Special Education

We have one of the largest special education programs in the school district. About 12 percent of our student population receives special education services. We offer special day classes for students whose primary disabilities are in speech and language or orthopedic impairment. We also have a Full-Inclusion Program, Resource Specialist Program, speech therapy, physical & occupational therapy for our students with special needs.