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PTA Board

The PTA board is made up of volunteer parents and staff from the school and are elected by general membership in the spring. Additional board members can be appointed by the president and confirmed by the board. Elections are held in the spring and officers assume positions starting July 1st. Each person takes responsibility for certain aspects of operations and all work is done on a volunteer basis without compensation for their role. 

2016-2017 PTA Board Members

Principal of FSK
Mimi Y. Kasner

Tina M. Yun

Executive VP
Maricel Webb

Catherine Reid

Terah Hagy

Membership VP
Michael Coleman

Fundraising VP
Jensine Reyes

Volunteer Coordinator

Kristy Dutch

Selinda Mandarano

Board Members at Large
John Blackwell
Jim Toby
Florian Sauer
Sean Avent

Teacher Representative
Cara Cuper