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Initial Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 15, 2012, 11:18 PM by FSK Website   [ updated Sep 15, 2012, 11:56 PM ]

The meeting was held in the teacher lunch room at 2 pm on Thursday, September 13. The following people attended:
Tamar Barlev, SFUSD
Lori Shelton, SFUSD
Jeff Miller, Miller Company
Aaron Parr, Miller Company
Mr. Wong, FSK Principal
Ms. Ling, FSK Teacher
Eric May, FSK Parent
John Cenzano-Fong, FSK Parent

The focus of discussion revolved around reconciling how the original master plan showed construction elements vs. how they were actually carried out. The greatest impact was how the running track was actually painted on the yard. The way it was actually painted was something Mr. Wong agreed to because the alternative was to not have a track painted. Painters were unable or unwilling to paint a non-oval track.

The track encroaches into corners of the yard more than originally planned in the teaching garden area, near the cafeteria, and imaginative play area, near the play structure. In addition, in the plan, the area outside the cafeteria did not include a third door or the flag pole. These items reduce the usable space for the teaching garden.

There was time spent talking about whether the track should be rerouted near the imaginative play area and whether the track should actually cut through the garden area. The consensus was that redoing the track would be problematic because it could result too many turns for smooth running pace for children and in losing elements like the world map. It was also agreed that having the track pass through part of the garden area was not a good idea because of a mismatch of uses and possible collision issues. The track will be an area of kintetic movement while the garden will be a calm refuge. Intersecting the two seemed counterproductive.

There was discussion of siting of emergency supplies storage and PE and recess equipment storage. No decisions were made and would likely not have an impact on recommendations made by Miller Company.

The group spent time down in the yard looking at areas where the master plan placed greening elements. It was agreed that though the imaginative play area was smaller than was originally intended, if we did not cross over the track, it was still large enough.

There was discussion of the pluses and minuses of placing a teaching garden in front of the modulars. The leading issue was noise that could impact classrooms. But adding plantings to simply soften the area was considered.

The area adjacent to the modulars and the girls bathroom was discussed as a place for an outdoor classroom with seating to accommodate at least one class. Having raised planters or containers near the girls bathroom was also mentioned. The area between the school building and the modular was very appealing to Miller Company. The modular roof could be used to capture rainwater for cisterns stored behind the modulars. Time was also spent near the cafeteria discussing how we could implement a teaching garden despite limitations of the additional door and flagpole.

It was understood that there are many people on the committee that would like to be involved, but the schedule of subsequent meetings was established with a bias to a time of day that would encourage more teachers to participate, since they will be the main users of these spaces and have to live with choices made.

    Monday, October 1, 3:30 pm
    Monday, October 22, 4:00 pm

At the October 1 meeting Miller Company will provide a set of plans with their to initial suggestions in order to drive more discussion.