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We all can agree that sports, especially team sports, enhance a child’s development and teach valuable life skills.

Starting a team at the Kindergarten level helps your child establish themselves within their school community, allows them to form bonds with other students and helps them build confidence.

We highly recommend that parents drive this development by volunteering to coach and/or manage their child’s teams. YOU CAN DO THIS! Even if you have never played team sports as a youth or never coached a team, there are resources out there for you and organizations that will support your desire to volunteer.

We have provided a list of local sports organizations that may be of interest. Please note, Fall sports leagues begin player/team registration in June and Summer leagues are forming now.


This is not an all-inclusive list, rather, a list of those organizations many of us have had experience with: 

www.sfpal.org  - San Francisco Police Activities League (SF PAL) has year-round sport opportunities for children ages 5-13, depending on the sport. They offer baseball, basketball, boxing, football, soccer and judo.


The have a free summer baseball program that they run in cooperation with the Junior Giants. Registration for summer baseball ends May 13, 2011.


www.sfybl.com  - San Francisco Youth Baseball League is the largest and oldest youth baseball league in San Francisco. They are partnered with the San Francisco Fire Department Flame and San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department. They offer Spring baseball for children in Kindergarten (T-Ball) through 8th grade.


www.sfvikings.com – San Francisco Vikings Soccer League runs a Fall recreational soccer season for children ages 7-17. They also run a Fall microsoccer season for children ages 5-7. Their Fall registration will open in June, 2011. Vikings also have summer soccer camps.


www.sfrecpark.org – San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department offer a variety of year-round programs – art, sports, swimming, summer camps, etc…


If you’d like more information how to start a team, etc… feel free to contact me at

amanda.janes@att.net and I’ll be happy to help anyway I can.

Additional Listings of sports leagues


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