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There are a number of PTA committees that manage many aspects of PTA programs. Many are for ongoing initiatives some exist for specific events during the year.
Mandarin Committee
Manages all aspects of the Mandarin language after school education program.

Friday Bookstore Committee
Runs the Friday bookstore program where students can go every other Friday to purchase books of their own at a very low cost. The program aims to excite children about reading and encourage excellent literacy.

Stop, Drop, and Go Committee
The Stop, Drop and Go committee manages the orderly drop off of students from cars at the front of the school each morning.

Finance Committee
The finance committee supports the treasurer in conduction bookkeeping as well as other finance related tasks.

Enrichment Committee
Manages the various supplemental after school education opportunities in the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center after school program. 

Sports Committee
The sports committee exists to help facilitate the participation of FSK children in team sports. The committee acts as clearinghouse to bring families together so they can form sports teams.

Election Committee
Annual PTA board election nominating and voting is managed by the election committee.

Emergency Preparedness Committee
This committee works on making the school more prepared for a major emergency, such as an earthquake.