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School Tours

The best way to know if a school is right for your child and family is to take a tour in person. Similar to the way different cities have a different "feel", each school will have a different character that stems from the people there. 

We are proud of our school because it not only has great teachers, but is really a vibrant community. It is supportive but low key. When you come to the school you will see people with smiles on their faces because they enjoy being there. Come see for yourself.

Tour Schedule

Group tours are offered starting in October until school applications are due in January. The tours are every Wednesday from 8:30am-9:30am. Please call 759-2811 to RSVP for a tour


Francis Scott Key Elementary is located in San Francisco's Sunset district, on 43rd Avenue between Kirkham and Lawton streets. Get driving directions.

School Tour Guide

If you can't wait for the school tour to learn more, please browse this website and take a look at our school tour guide. It may be a bit out of date, so always take it with a grain of salt, since things change fast around here. 

What the campus looks like

The school went through a massive upgrade in 2011 and 2012 with close to seven million dollars spent across the campus to make it ADA compliant and to improve energy efficiency and usability.  If you want a sneak peek at our school before you get a chance to come in person, look for the school campus album in on our gallery page.